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  • Elizabeth Cameron-Smith

......and he rested on the 14th day. Bordeaux

" I spent the day in Bordeaux after the 220 + km ride that I had done the day before.

I needed some time to recover, my body felt a bit battered, my legs were burning after 11 hours in the saddle and after arriving after 1 o'clock in the morning -I felt exhausted.

The ride into Bordeaux had also been made longer by the fact that I had spent two hours waiting for and catching the ferry.

The weather warmed up during the day but with nightfall came the very cold temperatures and chilly wind.

After arriving in Bordeaux I found my Airbnb accommodation that I honestly had great reservations about when I saw it from the outside! Once I got inside I was pleasantly surprised as it was beautifully put together. I fell into that bed!

I woke up this morning and ventured out and got a pastry and coffee at Starbucks, did some shopping and bought some water.The water in Bordeaux is not what we're used to - it tastes awful and even burnt my eyes in the shower- so I didn't want to take a chance by drinking it.

I spent most of the day wandering around Bordeaux with my camera in hand.

The old city is quite beautiful, cobble stoned streets, wide pedestrian walkways, amazing shops, aesthetically pleasing buildings and restaurants and clothing stores.

Fantastic sculptures, spectacular churches and I noticed that there is a lot of work being done- mainly on maintaining the important public infrastructure. A lot of road works too.

They have a very efficient tram system throughout the city - a quick way to get around.

Fantastic multi arched bridge over the brown Garonne river and along the river there is a wonderful multi use open space where people can walk, rollerskate, cycle and enjoy the open space which is really important in most of the French cities that i have been to.They really do preserve and use their space very well

An Interesting day in Bordeaux was made more so due to the fact that it wasn't easy to draw money from any of the ATM machines as the 'Yellow Jackets" had vandalized most of them in their protests in the last few weeks."

- Voice recording from Grant

I loved looking at these photos and I must say that I am suffering from serious FOMO!!

I have always loved France and looking at all these photos and writing this blog which has involved doing some research about France; has reiterated for me, that France is one of the most beautiful places to visit! The scenery, the pastries, food, wine, fashion.. I digress- let's get back to the armchair travelling!

Tomorrow another tough day awaits as Crazybikeguy cycles to Bayonne, getting closer to the Spanish border and the challenge that awaits- the Pyrenees!

Our mission, Their Future.

'Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.' -Helen Keller


Mar 28, 2019

Great pics Grant, with you all the way mate.


Mar 27, 2019

Can tell you are an artist from the exquisite photos you're taking! Just beautiful! Hmmm... Bordeaux is known for wine, not water lol :) ! Good you didn't drink it! Loving the armchair travel. Thanks for taking us along on your amazing journey (so much cheaper and less legwork... which you're doing in spades ;) )! Take care and rest well for the next stage of the Tour de Grant... proud to know you, my crazy friend! x

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