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Capturing the Journey

[This blog entry addresses questions I have been asked.]

I've promised to take you armchair travelling with me across the continent, but the weight of a regular DSLR camera such as a Canon EOD6D plus additional lenses is prohibitive.

My goal is to have equipment functionality without excessive weight. Weight is my enemy when climbing over mountain ranges.

After careful evaluation of camera and video alternatives I am taking a GoPro as well as a tiny ‘point and shot’ Canon PowerShot SX740 HS Digital Camera.

The GoPro provides me with excellent all-weather video and some time lapse however quite basic point and shoot photography. It is rugged and can be attached to my helmet, chest or bike frame.

The GoPro is disappointing in two main areas (1) sound quality and (2) lens capabilities - it has a standard inbuilt fish-eye lens.

The Canon makes up for it with a good inbuilt 40X zoom lens, 20 megapixel plus photo quality, WiFi connection to my phone and an excellent inbuilt microphone.

These devices along with my Samsung phone should allow me to capture the moments perfectly... well... as good as you can expect from an amateur photographer.


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