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  • Elizabeth Cameron-Smith

Day 1- London to Newhaven

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

The day started at 3 am for Grant as he rose early to do a final check of the bike, had a big breakfast and made his way to Trafalgar Square for his 6 am start. The city was asleep save for the two faithful long time friends that braved the cold and the dark to come and say goodbye and send Grant on his way.

Thank you Sean and Clea for being there to support Grant, we appreciate it so much.

In Johannesburg, Julian and Ruby had spent the previous evening making a 'Good Luck Dad' sign and donned their mohawk headpieces for the photos to send to Grant to wish him well.

What a grueling way it was! Faced with strong winds and unrelenting rain for most of the day, the dreaded exit from the center of London on the bike was nothing compared to the horrible weather that awaited him.

There was a brief time where it didn't a quick lunch break was had on the side of a lake in the countryside.

The wind was so strong at times that he was blown off his bike three times, hurting his left shoulder in one of the falls.

Wearing three sets of clothing and a full rain suit in the hope of resisting the freezing temperatures made icier by the wind, Grant endured the 100km+ ride and made it to Newhaven by the end of the day in time to buy is ticket for the Ferry across the Channel. Unfortunately the ferry was delayed and only departed at 2 am instead of the scheduled 11pm.

After a warm dinner he managed to have a catnap in the warm shelter of the ferry terminus and boarded the ferry to Dieppe on the French coast.

waiting to load the bike on the ferry.

Sadly, the weather traveled with him, but that is tomorrow's story.

There is no giving up! We're with you all the way.

Our mission.Their future.

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Joe De Carvalho
Joe De Carvalho
Mar 15, 2019

GO crazy Grant... you've got this one!

We're all behind you, pushing ,supporting and even cycling with you...

But take care champ, it's a long and winding road!

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