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  • Elizabeth Cameron-Smith

Day 10 - Following the sunshine to Nantes

Cycling along the Loire

We've had a long weekend in South Africa and we celebrated Human Rights Day on the 21st March. A somewhat dark reminder of what happened in our country on that day so many years ago - we definitely have to remember the darkness to move towards the light and although some progress has been made we have a long way to go. So we do think of that fateful day and remember the lives lost and remind ourselves of the work we need to do to all live in harmony together.

The video of the early morning start with the mist on the river...

We went away to Hoedspruit as a family while Grant pedaled his way through the Loire valley, so the blog updates were less frequent and I promise to catch them all up swiftly so we don't lose momentum!

Grant sent us voice recordings an lots of pics and chatted with Julian and Ruby a frequently throughout the weekend as they are really missing their Dad and being in the bush without him just didn't feel the same.

The best day yet for Crazybikeguy!

The sun shone! It was still very cold but the blue skies were a sight to behold and the tracks through the countryside took him through the most picturesque scenery.All the messages were happy and light and I could just hear that the rest in Angers, the newly fixed bike and the warm rays of sun were aiding those endorphins and putting Grant in a fabulous frame of mind.

"The best day since I started.Going slowly so I can take this all in. I can go where the cars can't and the scenery is just amazing! Really wonderful!"

"Biking heaven. Doesn't get better than this! SO Amazing and my gears are PERFECT....Yay!"

- Grant's Whatsapp messages

The previous night's spicy Indian dinner brought with it some long lasting side effects and there were a few too many necessary pit stops along the way and by the end of the ride Grant had to take some medicine to settle his stomach and have some re hydration drinks!

Lesson no 2 : Dinner at the Punjab Diner 1- Grant 0

One of the highlights of the day was during a late morning stop when Grant was approached by a local man who asked him if he wanted a coffee.Grant chatted with him and it turned out that he was a fellow cyclist.He invited him into his home, made him a coffee, subscribed to site and wished him well ! Such kindness really fills one with hope and faith in human kind.

A little visit and a cup of coffee. Merci Monsieur!

A fabulous effort on the bike and a wonderful day clocked a groovy 104.5kms into Nantes.

Looking ahead to warmer temperatures and engaging cycling and scenery!

"The best view comes after the hardest climb"

Setting up neuro diverse adults for productive lives. Help us! Donate now!

Our Mission.Their future.

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Beautiful Nantes


Mar 25, 2019

WOW...!! My girls LOVED their chat that you gave to the St Peter's girls Grant - THANK YOU!! What an inspiration you have become to them! It has taken me a while to get onto your site, not that I haven't been asked 4/5 times daily!! Just catching up with your trip so far... you can expect to hear from our little ladies rather regularly I fear 🙈🙃 Keep those peddles peddling, Elizabeth... thank you for the updates!! Good luck with all you are up for while Grant is away 😉 Chat again no doubt x Colleen (and Tessa and Caitlin to come)


Mar 25, 2019

Glad to hear you are having a better time, it looks a lot more appealing with the sun out!


Mar 25, 2019

Oops re Indian spicy meal! Yay for sunshine, stunning scenery, great cycle tracks & warm welcomes! So glad things are looking up. Good to hear some chirpiness and craziness again. Happy, safe pedalling, my amazing friend! 🚴🏅🌟😎💯👍😊

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