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  • Elizabeth Cameron-Smith

Day 17 - Irun to Getaria -in Basque country.

Leaving Irun a little later than usual because of trying to get the injured knee warmed up and seen to, Grant ventured out of the town straight into a steep climb, which was particularly difficult with his fully loaded bike and a very sore knee.

Although painful, the wound itself was looking and feeling better so he felt that it was healing and he had avoided infection.

Heading on into the town of Lenzo which was quite run down and a bit depressing- lots of abandoned buildings covered in graffiti and everything looking grim, the only activity there seemed to be a ship in the harbor being loaded with motor vehicles.

The next stop was the wonderfully picturesque city of San Sebastian in the Bay of Biscay.

It is famed for it's beautiful beaches and magnificent bay front promenade, innovative cuisine and interesting cobble stoned streets in the old town that are the home of designer shops and pintxo bars. Grant didn't hang around to experience the cuisine or the bars but marveled at the amazing views and took many photos of the interesting buildings.He enjoyed the river views of the Urumea River mouth that this popular city sits on, surrounded by hilly outcrops and Mount Ulia and Adarra.

Following the river to Orio and the climbing started to get very serious! At this point Grant realized that he would perhaps have to adjust his mapped out route as the climbing with a heavy bike was just going to be impossible. The 40 degree climbs are doable on a normal bike and over short periods with great effort- but he wasn't in this position.

He made it into Zarautz and managed to get to the tourist center as they were closing for lunch -as one does in Spain. He waited for the lady to return as he needed some information.... Crazybikeguy decided that he needed to stop for the day as he wasn't feeling great - a slow 47kms today was all he could manage.

The lady was incredibly helpful and provided some valuable advice regarding where Grant should stay; recommending Getaria as an overnight stopover.Thankfully there were no hills between Zarautz and Getaria and there were lots of Pensions in this tranquil coastal town.

Grant loved Getaria- a small port with a quaint village and the most beautiful vistas.He knocked on a few Pension doors and found one that was perfect close by.

Being a Friday night the town seemed to come alive as people spilled onto the streets and squares and spent their evening in the pubs and restaurants eating tapas. The ambiance was festive and it was wonderful to see children and families out enjoying the balmy Spanish weather. He finished off the day with a wonderful meal of freshly caught fish and grilled octopus - the best fish meal on this trip by far!

Onwards to Las Arenas tomorrow!

"Your greatness is not what you have, it's what you give" - Lewis Howes

Our mission.Their future.


Apr 01, 2019

And that is what special needs is about - adapting - just because you may be slower and your journey different, your destination is still attainable. Loving your journey, Grant


Apr 01, 2019

Grant, what an EPIC adventure, love the photos and the updates! Stay strong and stay safe.

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