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  • Elizabeth Cameron-Smith

Day 26 - Lugo to Santiago de Compostela

A fresh 4 degrees welcomed Grant at the start of the day- on the road to Santiago de Compostela, the capital of Spain's Galicia region, most famously known for being the culmination of the Camino de Santiago's pilgrimage route, and the alleged burial site of the biblical apostle, St James whose remains lie within the Cathedral de Santiago de Compostela, consecrated in 1211.

He started the day with a strong coffee and a pastry or two not far from where he had stayed the night.The sky was relatively clear at this stage and Grant took the opportunity to take a walk and snap some pictures as he was sure that it's appearance was fleeting - dark clouds loomed in the distance.

He set off in the hope that the rain would stay away for as long as possible.

Not long after, as Grant reached the 45 km mark it started to rain and Crazybike guy despaired.....and took shelter in a roadside taverna where he ordered some tapas; his explanation of what he ate when I asked him isn't really appropriate for publishing-but the idea of the story was that it was protein- the source of which he wasn't completely sure of!

" I'm not exactly sure...could've been anything, but I was so cold, it felt good to just sit and eat something tasty.I felt a lot better afterwards too!"

Grant- Voice note

Unfortunately the drizzle was the introduction to the main show of the day, which turned to torrential rain once Crazybikeguy left the warmth and comfort of the Tapas Bar.

He decided to press on, focusing on just pedaling through the storm. At this stage his gloves were drenched and the water started finding its way into the sleeves of his rain suit. It was very cold and the rain was needling his face continually.

As he approached Santiago he was dealt the final blow for the day...the track turned to a muddy deep convoluted furrow which was difficult to navigate and see in the rain, requiring extra concentration that was in short supply after almost 100km in the saddle, cycling in wet and cold conditions.

When I spoke to him at the end of the day I could hear the complete exhaustion in his voice that was soft and flat.Aside from finding a place to stay, it being Sunday, Grant learnt that in this part of the world they don't do " check-ins" on a Sunday night AND the place where he finally found accommodation was not able to store his bike!

So, the bike storage was the town Post Office which was on the other side of town, which involved a 'trek' there and back.

"On the whole the people of Spain have been welcoming and friendly and this is a wonderful country with amazing sights and scenery. It might have been better to have seen it in the dry season!

After today - I am feeling battered and my body aches"

Grant - Voice note

Grant is having a physical and mental recuperation day tomorrow and just staying there to rest and take in the sights of this amazing historical medieval city.

Our Mission. Their future.

Another tough 103km completed in adverse conditions!

Not far to go to Porto! A lot of excitement in our household- counting down the days!

Living the dream to make other's dreams come true.

Neuro diverse and Autism awareness - April is Autism awareness month.

Remember - inclusion is the first step to kind, be patient and reach out to those who are different from you.

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