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  • Elizabeth Cameron-Smith

Day 38 Madrid to Tarancon, Spain

Idyllic weather and perfect cycling conditions were the order of the day for Crazybikeguy as he headed to Tarancon.

Leaving Madrid on the day of the Madrid Marathon made getting out of the city a bit of a challenge but once out of the confusion the great cycle paths beckoned.

The first 30 kilometers were ridden on paths shared with hundreds of cyclists out on their morning weekend rides enjoying the amazing conditions along the beautiful river, criss-crossing on bridges and intertwining with various walking paths but staying separate so that both could enjoy park like settings and be able to walk and cycle safely.

Just before St Martin de La Vega, Crazybikeguy left the cycle path as he headed off in a south easterly direction through vineyards and newly furloughed fields and the now familiar olive groves and red seas of poppies floating in the breeze.

Interestingly Grant also came across his first sighting of a high security prison literally in the middle of nowhere...The Centro Penetenciario de Madrid VII Estramera as well as a fascinating archaeological site not far from there perched on the side of a cliff.

At this stage the riding was all on single track gravel paths and became fairly tricky to manage as the surface was very uneven with round loose pebbles scattered all along the path.

Reaching Tarancon after the climb was a welcome relief and Grant walked three kilometers to the old part of town to have a look at it and take some photos as well as stretching out his legs to get rid of pent up lactic acid in his muscles- this has become a bit of a ritual now as it provides relief to his legs and then once he is ready to sleep, he puts on his compression stockings to prevent swelling.

A fairly easy day save for the rutted paths and single track as Crazybikeguy makes his way across rural Spain with his sights set on Valencia!

" The miracle isn't that I finished. It's that I had the courage to start"- John Bingham

Our Mission. Their future.

Cycling 8800km across Europe to create awareness for Autism.Setting personal records but keeping the faith by depending on the kindness of people along the way - depending on you too, for support and donations!

Help us help neurodiverse young adults in South Africa.


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30 maj 2019

Another good day in the saddle for Grant... yay! Well, except for the loose stones that make things tricky and dangerous and must require a great deal of concentration. What an AUsome warrior and ambassador for autism. Gorgeous pics (especially those irises and poppies!!) and interesting discoveries! Take care, Crazybikebuy...

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