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  • Elizabeth Cameron-Smith

Day 39 - Tarancon to Albaçete - Spain

194 kilometres and 820 metres of climbing today!

A long day in the saddle with lovely conditions. One of the most uneventful days as far as the terrain goes.

Leaving Tarancon and riding in the pristine countryside and through the golden yellow canola fields and farmlands bordered with red poppies chasing the sunlight made for a calm but long day in the saddle.

Crazybikeguy rode through the town of Belmonte a beautiful community nestled in amongst the undulating plains of farms and olive groves.He loved the majestic castle in this town!

Onwards to La Roda, which was originally where Grant had planned to stop for the night, but as he got there he felt he was feeling good enough to push on to the bigger town of Albaçete, where it would be easier to find accommodation and there might be more to see and photograph.

By doing this, he added another 70 kilometers to the day's ride and a few more hours to the trip.

Heading due South from La Roda to the town of Barrax, Grant thought he may have made a bad decision as the wind became a challenge...the hills were littered with wind turbines so he knew that this was a typical condition that he would have to deal with in order to get through to Barrax. From Barrax he had a slight tailwind (yay! A welcome change) which enabled him to pick up the pace and cruise into Albaçete.

Reaching the large town at dusk Grant hastily found a local Hostel to overnight in, quickly showered and set off to explore whilst there was still enough light to take some photos and get a feel for the place.

A little Tapas bar was the dinner choice and after a long walk and visiting the town square and walking around for a while, Grant retired for some rest.

He knew that tomorrow was going to be another long day as he traveled on to Valençia.

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