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  • Elizabeth Cameron-Smith

Day 41&42 -Rest Days in Valencia, Spain

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

A rest and recovery day (that turned into two days) spent in the beautiful city of Valencia on the coast of Spain.

Grant was very unwell and needed some time to regain his strength and get rid of the lurgy that he had contracted on his ride. He was battling to keep anything down and felt weak.

His bike needed some attention and Maria helped him find someone who was willing to work on his "complicated" machine!

La Bicicleteria was the place! The owner of this fine establishment restores bicycles from pre- World War 2; his shop is interesting and he turned out to be a fascinating to chat to and he really helped Grant with everything he needed. He is famous around these parts for his extensive knowledge and experience with all types of bikes, vintage ones being his forte.

The city of Valencia stretches far inland from the coast with an interesting river bed parkland "running" through it where a river used to run through the city. Due to extensive flooding and other problems causing fatalities over many years the river was rerouted and the area turned into parkland winding it's way through the city.

During the time in Valencia, Grant visited the majestic cathedral and wandered through the streets photographing some of the local scenes and sights.

He took a city and coastal tour on the Red Bus, which gave him some time to rest his legs and take in the big city in the short time he had available to him as this is also a very good way of getting a broad idea of the layout of the city.

It seems that a very popular way of getting around in Valencia for tourists is on two wheels...with bicycle rental shops dotted throughout the city, offering the option of mopeds, bicycles, ebikes and scooters for rent.

The city is beautiful and ranges from having the feeling of being ancient in it's center to then becoming more modern on it's outskirts and along the coast.

Lot of graffiti and art , expansive green spaces that are beautifully maintained and amazing tapas and paella with fantastic weather to match.

Onwards to Benicarlo tomorrow!

Our mission .Their Future.

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Jun 03, 2019

Bless Maria yet again! What an angel!! Lovely to meet such kind folks along the way - especially when you need them most. Valencia is just beautiful! From the elaborate and magnificent cathedral and the ancient, history-steeped buildings/architecture, to the graffiti and fun, quirky side of the city. What a visual feast for us virtual travellers!! Thanks for taking these wonderful pics even when you were feeling lousy, G... and to Liz for making your story come alive. Loving these travelogue updates! You two make a formidable team!! Bravo!! xx

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