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  • Elizabeth Cameron-Smith

Day 43 - Valençia to Benicarló, Spain

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Heading out in a north easterly direction from Valençia at a leisurely pace,was just what Grant needed as he was still recovering from his tummy bug and he eased into the day with beautiful scenery and an easy ride warm sunny conditions.

Only a slight climb for the day and along with beautiful beaches and a fantastic fresh fish lunch, it turned out to be a perfect day on the bike.

Grant rode through vast plantations of artichokes, loquats, mandarin and orange trees and of course, olive trees in abundance as well as vineyards and other citrus trees.

At Puçol Grant headed for the beach area and it was there where he met a Spanish cyclist in his sixties who spoke limited English and was very interested in Grant's getup and in Crazybikeguy's story. He asked where Grant was going and when he said he was heading to Barcelona, the man gestured for Grant to follow him - taking him away from his intended track along the beach, inland - back along the track Grant had just followed. He took Grant to a point and told him that he should be fine to cycle from there to Barcelona.

" At this point, when he showed me to go straight I realized that he had in fact, got me onto a freeway, I knew that this was illegal- under no circumstances is one allowed to cycle on highways in Spain. He was trying to get me on a faster road rather than on the beach track that I had chosen! The other road nearby was a major arterial road with monster traffic"

- Grant Voice Message

He doubled back some of the way and make his way into Segunto. Heading north from there around a forest and ending up in Benicasim, a stunning little beach town. The path from there stretched for kilometers and it was a really enjoyable cycle along the coast, through Orapesa del Mar, where the wind started to pick up. Grant then ventured inland onto 30km of dedicated converted cycling track that used to be a railway line, complete with a very long tunnel!

Heading around the Parque Nacional da Serra da Irta, through St Magdalena with its beautiful church sitting proudly atop the hill, riding straight into Beniscalo where he checked in to his accommodation.Thankfully it had cooled down as the clouds came over and Grant ended the day having drunk almost all his water reserve.

Crazybikeguy needed a long walk and had time to take some fabulous photos and he strolled along capturing the imposing outcrop, the home for the famous castle in the distance, in the town of Penascola not far from Benicarló.

Another day. More than 162km on the road to...... Istanbul.

But first....Tarragona!

Our Mission. Their future.

"Impossible is just an opinion"

-Paulo Coelho


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