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  • Elizabeth Cameron-Smith

Day 44 -Benicarló to Tarragona, Spain

One of the real challenges we have faced as family has been not having Grant present for special celebrations.Unfortunately, the timing of this trip just happened to coincide with all of our birthdays - leaving us to celebrate on our own.

It was my turn last week - we all missed Grant and thank fully I was blessed to be with family and friends! Thank you to everyone for their love and support!

Lets get back to business...

The plan for the day was to cruise up the coast towards Barcelona- an estimated easy ride in moderate temperatures.

Sadly those plans were scuppered by the 25km/hour wind that was blowing straight at Grant, making him feel like he would be taken by it should he stand still for a moment and blow him back to Portugal.

It was a grueling day, leaving Grant completely shattered.

A difficult ride even though it wasn't nearly as far as the others - 138 kilometers, averaging 18km an hour on a really flat track with a mere 150 meters of climbing.

On leaving Benicarlo, Crazybikeguy didn't ride on the coast but eventually found a path that led him to a beach path which made the ride very scenic.He rode along the coast for a long time making his way inland and back again, meandering through coastal towns and going inland when the coastal path ended or became too dangerous in windy conditions.When he eventually made it to Salu, he worked his way towards the main coastal path that would lead him back through to Tarragona.

Riding through a wonderful area of water pans with amazing bird and fish life and wonderful open landscapes made the wind a bit more bearable as it gave Grant an excuse to sop for a bit and to try and take some photos.

On reaching stunning Tarragona amidst a celebration in the city with an air show taking place, Grant was relieved to be sheltered from the wind and discover this ancient place.

Tarragona - a port city in North Eastern Spain's Catalonia region.Many ancient ruins remain from its time as the Roman colony of Tarraco. An Amphitheatre, A Necropolis with Roman tombs and traces of the forum stand among the alleys of the old Medieval town.

A fantastically interesting old city with so much character and a wonderfully majestic the end of a path that was mainly through agricultural land.

Grant noticed how the orange orchards were not as plentiful as before, with the landscape and weather patterns changing as he ventured into a different region: one more suited to cereal crops, olive trees and some vineyards in sheltered areas.

A very challenging ride but made worth it by the experience of being in Tarragona for the night!

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12 jun 2019

Wow!! Those headwinds again! Nasty... but glad the scenic views made up for it in some part. Love the ancient ruins... what a history-laden town to visit (and take us along for the ride!). I'm sure you wished you could celebrate all the special family birthdays at home... but thanks to your guts and determination, many others will benefit from your huge efforts. Family sacrifice is a big deal, as is the mighty mission you are on! Well done, Champ!!

Me gusta
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