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  • Elizabeth Cameron-Smith

Day 47 - Barcelona to Cardona, Spain

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

A beautiful day for cycling! 105 Km with 1.5 km of climbing with 9 hours in the saddle.

Leaving the city of Barcelona was complete madness and so stressful as the convoluted roads and pathways don't allow for cyclists and were difficult to work out. Trying to fight with city traffic in the morning made it even more challenging.

Going through the Plaça da Espanya - with its magnificent fountain and chaotic traffic, Grant managed to maneuver himself through the chaos onto bike tracks making it past Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia and heading out to Santa Colomba through the most hectic intersections!

" Once I made it into the countryside, leaving Barcelona behind me, it was a beautiful undulating perfect ride all the way to Cardona"

- Grant via voice note

Cycling through the National Park, the path started to climb steadily as Grant climbed from sea level to the peak that lay before him travelling through the most enchanting natural scenery.

Cardona is a salt mining town northwest of Barcelona, halfway between Barcelona and Andorra. With open pit mines littering the country side surrounding it.The landscape was undulating with many paths and roads going through tunnels.

It is set up on a very steep hill with the Medieval Castle of Cardona, built in the 11th Century, overlooking the plains below.

Salt has been mined there since Roman times and the role of the Castle was to defend the salt mines as salt was a huge source of wealth in Medieval times.

Crazybikeguy enjoyed exploring the city and the castle with it's fantastic views and fascinating history.

The accommodation at the Bremon Hotel was wonderful and Crazybikeguy thoroughly enjoyed the day on his bike as well as discovering and exploring this historical fascinating town on the hill.

Onward towards Andorra!

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Jun 12, 2019

So pleased this was an enjoyable ride, without massive challenges (you've had more than enough of those!), Crazybikeguy. The countryside is lovely, and the town of Cordona is simply charming! Magical views from the hilltops... and fascinating history surrounding the salt mines and castle dating so far back to the Middle Ages. Love most things mediaeval! Thanks to you and Liz (behind the scenes) for taking us with you as you discover and explore new places. Here's to many more... and safe travels x

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