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  • Elizabeth Cameron-Smith

Day 52 -Perpignan to Béziers, France

Fighting the wind for the first 50 kilometers of today's ride made Grant turn inland for cover from the unrelenting blustering force.

The second half of the day brought with it some respite but exhaustion had set in.

Leaving Perpignan just after 9am and heading down to Claira, for the first 20 kms in good weather and then pressing on towards Le Barcares was Crazybikeguy's start to the day.

From Claira the wind became unbearable and the coastal route was problematic because of it. The initial plan was to ride along on the coast line all the way to avoid the hills but in the end the hills were far more doable.

The ride wasn't long in the end - 104 kilometers but almost six hours on the bike. Cutting inland and changing the planned route was the only way to get some relief and Crazybikeguy then rode through the National Park Narbonnaise, following on through to Narbonne on the way to Béziers.

The wind turbines - all 28 of them - should always be a clue about the weather conditions and the forceful wind was obviously the norm in these parts.

Béziers is one of the most ancient towns in all of Europe, nestled in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of Southern France.Its a peaceful town that doesn't see as many tourists as it's more captivating neighbors but it has a Medieval history that adds to it's charm. A beautiful 13th century Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site Canal du Midi, built in the 17th Century, an impressive art gallery as well as an Abbey on it's outskirts built in the 16th century which pilgrims visit annually are all part of this impressive town. It is also situated in the biggest French wine producing region and is surrounded by many award wining wineries and vineyards.

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Jun 17, 2019

Crazybikeguy, you sound absolutely shattered after struggling against that forceful, persistent wind!! Thanks for taking such beautiful pics so we can travel along with you - minus the daily challenges you have to face. Lucky you're not a big wine drinker, else you may have been tempted to stop off at some wineries and get merry instead! Can't say I'd blame you... far more pleasant than blustering wind hitting you head on! Hope conditions improved after this (can't remember). Power to the pedals!! Ride safely xx

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