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  • Elizabeth Cameron-Smith

Day 57 - Saint Raphaël to Nice , France

A dark cloudy sky pregnant with rain heralded in the morning.

It seemed like it was going to be a wet day as Grant doubled back to Frejus to purchase a spare part for the bike- the bicycle shop only opened later so he waited but had no luck as the shop owner told him that his best bet was to try to get it in Nice, seeing as he was headed there later today.

The track was a wonderful meander along the coast through what Grant terms " my favourite spots"....Antibes and Cannes.

Cannes was absolute chaos with throngs of people and hundreds of traffic police out on the streets as the International Film Festival was on.

The main roads and theater entrances were all cordoned off with metal barricades and the beach front roads were down to one lane while the rest of the lanes were all converted into walkways and packed with media ladders and trailers.

Extravagantly dressed people, film stars and media personnel circulated on the walkways and the paparazzi were out in full force.

From Cannes, Crazybikeguy continued towards Antibes on the coastal road for most of the way, going inland for a bit and then heading into Juan-les-Pin to look at some amazing sites along this beautifully scenic coastline, cycling out to the farthest point in the bay and looking at all the fabulous homes dotted on the coast and enjoying the endless azure that is so different from anywhere else....

Antibes is very different from when Grant and I were there last having lost it's rustic charm.Our favorite chocolate walled patisserie is no longer and the square has now been converted to a covered function hall. Grant went and walked through the fresh produce market and out onto the main road and the church where there was a wedding taking place. He didn't hang around as he intended to make it to the store north of Nice to try and find his bicycle part.

Thankfully the bicycle shop there had what Grant was looking for and he then rode back into the city of Nice where he was staying.He explored the city, catching the tram down to the old town,having a wander around and then later, having some dinner.

96.6km with and elevation gain of 671m completed today.

Tomorrow Monaco and Italy await!

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Beautiful pictures and narrative!! So enjoying this! x

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