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  • Elizabeth Cameron-Smith

Day 59 - Diano Marina to Genoa, Italy

What a day!

114 km and 636m of elevation.

"I'm so pleased this day is finally over. I felt like I was cycling into a solid wall the whole time. Unbelievably hectic, strong headwind just made today the worst day especially because I was just feeling so sick."

-Grant - Voice note

Thank goodness there were quite a few small towns along the way along with the tunnels all along the track that Grant rode on that provided some respite from the forceful wind.

Beautiful scenery along the disused train track that has been converted into a fabulous cycle track, going through tunnels and through the towns along the coastline making it easy to appreciate the fabulous views and rugged coastal charm.

Grant discovered this track almost by mistake- his intention was to climb the hill a few kilometers from Diano Maria to try and get behind the mountains and out of the wind, but decided to ride out along the coast for a bit longer until he reached Borghetto Santo Spirito and then came upon the disused train track path which went on for many kilometers and was not documented on any of the maps or the downloaded apps that Grant was using for navigation.A wonderful find!

Grant stopped at Marina di Capo San Donato beach for some lunch- it was totally deserted which was a bit odd - the horrible wind might have had something to do with that!

On nearing the port city of Genoa Grant decided to spend some time investigating the ports and harbor jetties as they were fascinating to see and a hive of activity.

He had a bit of time before night fell to take some photos.

An early night and some recovery time was desperately needed!

Our mission.Their future.

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