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  • Elizabeth Cameron-Smith

Day 6 -Paris to Chartres

A gate to a home in Rambouillet

Planning a 3.30am start form Paris to avoid the traffic on the city roads was thwarted by the rain - I think we're starting to get the general idea here! After waiting a while Grant left his warm little place in the 5th Arrondissement and headed out of Paris in a south westerly direction towards the Loire Valley.

Setting off from Paris

The photos of the scenery from the day on the road are just exquisite, so I am going to include many of them in this post, since I think that we, as armchair travelers, don't really want to miss out on the spectacular landscapes and the richness of the vignettes depicted in many of the shots.

Pictures taken along the way

Grant did also apologize for not providing us with photos of Versailles-but it just isn't as picturesque in the dark....

He was a little disappointed at only being able to complete 99kms today but considering the freezing temperatures and the sudden downpours throughout the day punctuated by the occasional burst of sunshine, I really do think he did very well.

He waxed lyrical today about the beautiful forest that he rode through and he absolutely loved the single track riding in the sheer beauty of nature with sweet birdsong to keep him entertained!

I see that he has succumbed to the lure of the french baguette and pastries and the velvety smooth butter that really compliments the delicious french bread that anchors the French lunch and breakfast fare. That and the coffee of course!

A pit stop in Jouy.

He stopped his ride in the historical and picturesque commune of Chartres, famed for it's massive Cathedral Notre Dame.Gothic in style and built in 1220, it has everything one would expect from the architectural style of the time: spires, buttresses,Romanesque sculptures, elaborate rose windows and a pavement labyrinth and of course, its own crypt!

The Cathedral in Chartres

After getting lost and walking a few extra kilometers back to his accommodation, it was time for a long hot bath, a nap and a French dinner.

Another long day in the saddle is planned for tomorrow and hopefully the weather will play along.... it will be a bumper one with more than a 100kms on the clock.

A walk in Chartres

Bordeaux awaits!

"It doesn't matter if it's already been done before, because it hasn't been done by you."

Keep going Grant. We're behind you all the way.

Our mission.Their future.

Crazybikeguy. Riding to empower neuro diverse adults.

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20. März 2019

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us via Liz. Breathtaking photos! Good to hear your voice and a bit of chirpiness when the sun came out (not as sweet as the birdsong in the forest, but great to know you're staying positive, despite the forces of nature giving you a hard time!). I guess that saying about enjoying the journey and not just the destination is key to keeping sane (Seine :) )! You're such a champ! Take care and hoping for better weather for you.

Gefällt mir
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