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  • Elizabeth Cameron-Smith

Day 60 - Rest Day - Genoa, Italy

Today was a rest day spent in the Old City of Genoa.

After a terrible ride the day before - 115km along the coast - into Genoa, with a constant blustering and fierce headwind yesterday, Grant needed a rest day. He was feeling really terrible - the last few days of having an upset tummy and constant nausea and vomiting had taken their toll. He had started an antibiotic to get rid of the suspected bacterial infection that he may have contracted from the residue in his drinking pipe from the Camelbak backpack drinking device, which is pretty hard to disinfect constantly.

With adding Rehydrate to the drinking water to get his electrolyte mix correct and prevent dehydration, it made it even harder as the sugar makes an excellent base for germ growth - that and the clear pipe is a germ happy place.

Grant got some baby bottle sterilizer from the pharmacy and between that, boiling water and some white wine vinegar, he tried to clean the pipe and Camelbak over and over until he felt that nothing could of survived that treatment!

Grant woke up to rain - he had fallen asleep to the sound of it and woke up to see that it hadn't cleared - it stayed for the day, clearing for very short periods.

He ventured up the hill on foot to the recommended bike shop looking for the part he needed but it was a futile exercise as they couldn't help.

Thankfully the view from the top of the hill was fabulous, so at least going up there wasn't a total loss - he could at least take photos of the gorgeous vista.

Genoa isn't a flat city and the Old Town is mainly centered around the port ( one of the busiest in Italy) as Genoa has always played a very important role in maritime history throughout the ages, and is Italy's sixth largest city.

It has a huge aquarium ( the largest in Europe) which is one of it's main attractions down at the marina.

As it was pouring with rain, Grant decided to join the young families at the aquarium for a visit.

After that, the rain seemed to have abated and Grant set off on a walk.

The narrow lanes and cobbled streets open out onto monumental squares complete with fountains and statues and there are many beautiful churches and cathedrals and palaces and the iconic opera house. Genoa is also the birth place of Christopher Columbus! ( thank you Google).

It is a city that is proud of it's art and museums, it's renovated Porto Antico ( the old port)that has been rejuvenated but still has a Romanesque feel.

Wonderful food, bustling trattorias,a growing artisanal movement and not too many tourists!

Crazybikeguy was in awe of the many palaces and said he would need to spend two weeks here to see them all.He loved all the green spaces and the narrow side streets were fascinating.He enjoyed a wonderful lunch and dinner reveling in the Italian hospitality. He just loves the traditional cooking and the respect for the ingredients that is so evident in Italian fare.

He was definitely feeling better after having a day off and eating and drinking without feeling so awful- thankfully the antibiotics had kicked in!

Its so interesting to note that Grant averages 17 kilometers of walking PER day and the days off are no different! Craziness.

Tomorrow, the ride to Milan awaits! A city we both love!

Our Mission.Their future.

I saw this on someone's FB page and loved it:

I heard someone say " don't cross oceans for people who wouldn't cross a puddle for you"

Which I thought was good advice.

But someone else spoke up and said

" No. Do it. Cross those oceans. Love all people. No conditions attached.

No wondering whether or not they are worthy. Cross oceans, climb mountains. Life and love isn't about what you gain, it's about what you give."

Food for thought.

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Jul 02, 2019

Pleased to hear Crazybikeguy got to the source of his stomach problems and sorted out the water bottle/tube setup. Lovely photos and a great quote at the end. x

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