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  • Elizabeth Cameron-Smith

Day 72 Rijeka to Novalja, Croatia

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

An 8.30 am start leaving Rijeka climbing straight up into the mountains set the tone for the day ahead. A hot day with temperatures soaring steadily as the day wore on, making climbing really tough. The climbing seemed to never end and just as Crazybikeguy thought he was almost done, another mountain came along!

The first section of this grueling day that covered 123 kilometres and brought with it 1.8km ( yes - kilometres) of climbing was hectic in the heat.

The rocky landscapes made for interesting riding as there were dangerous long drops off sides of mountains, making this a stressful ride. Motorcycles screaming past at speed not only made the conditions dangerous but also disturbingly loud really affecting concentration and dampening the enjoyment of being in such a beautifully scenic environment.

The last few kilometres getting into Prizna were extra tough as Grant had only had a short stop for lunch earlier on in the day, having stopped at Novi Vindolski for a quick bite to eat. Not only was he exhausted but he was very hungry too and was starting to feel like he needed to eat for sustenance for soon.

Reaching the ferry at Prizna at 8pm to cross over onto to Pag Island, Grant welcomed the stop as he had aching legs and a very weary body. The ferry only left at 8.45 so a bit of rest was appreciated.He really relished the toasted sandwich he ate while he waited.

On reaching the other side, with the sun setting on this weird landscape that looked like a moon surface, surprisingly, the road from the port where the ferry docked immediately began to climb, so Grant's respite from the effort of climbing hills was short lived. A tough stretch awaited- not a huge climb but it seemed monumental after the day that had transpired.

Pag Island is known for its bizarre moon like landscape and it's pebble and stone beaches that ring the island.

Crazybikeguy missed out on the nightlife hub of Zrce beach - famous for the unending summer party scene that tourists flock here for.

He finally reached Novalja by moonlight at almost midnight...totally exhausted, with a very sore shoulder and a body that just ached everywhere.

Almost eight litres of water consumed on this very warm day on the bike.

Tomorrow, the town of Zadar awaits as the trip through Croatia continues and then Grant makes his way through Croatia to Macedonia.

Our mission.Their future.

Riding across Europe in grueling conditions for days on end. In the heat, rain, cold and facing gusting winds, thunder storms and unpredictable traffic and road surfaces.

Riding for a cause. Pedaling for a dream.

Help us make dreams come true as Grant pedals for Autism awareness and acceptance of neuro diverse conditions in South Africa!

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1 Yorum

12 Ağu 2019

Hectic! Hurt, hungry and high, steep climbs. Not surprised the beach party held zero interest for G. Incredibly well done getting through another challenging day!

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