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  • Elizabeth Cameron-Smith

Day 8 - on the way to Angers

After a freezing night in a tent in the campsite and starting off the day with a chilly temperature of 0 degrees and a scathing wind biting through every layer, Grant set off on his way to Angers, intending to cross the Loire River after a ride through a beautiful French countryside.

Probably the worst day on the trip so far...he wasn't feeling well after a very restless and cold night in his tent in temperatures that went down to -6 deg. With his legs aching and gears giving him endless grief he really had to dig deep to complete the ride. Unfortunately the day only got worse as he was cruising along in one of the smaller villages and was taken out by an old French man in his car who didn't see him coming down the road.

Thankfully the accident didn't cause any major injury and beside a few cuts and grazes and a sore shoulder (the other one) and some very sore ribs, Crazybikeguy managed to get back on his bike and soldier on.

The mist and cold seemed to move with Grant as he made his way to Gennes and after having packed all his wet clothing and a wet tent earlier, he needed to find a place in Angers to just rest and recover.

A little tart of happiness on a grim day

I was concerned that there may have been something more serious going on and offered to help him find accommodation for the night. Thank goodness for modern technology and!

I could hear from his voice that he needed to just lie down - when i asked him who he had chatted with during the day he said he wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone as his body ached and he wanted to finish the ride for the day and needed to find a place to have his bike fixed.

I was relieved when he found his way to the hotel and we spoke after he had had a nap and a bath and he sounded a bit better and the grim mood was starting to lift.

After a good dinner he made his way back for a much needed sleep.

Tomorrow has been made a rest day for bike repairs and some much needed body reconditioning.

Hopefully this meant that Crazybikeguy would be back to his chirpy, determined self in 24 hours!

" Don't wait to be hit by an epiphany. You can make a difference in ways both small and large"

- an extract from a note sent by Julian's teacher today written by Angela Duckworth.

Crazybikeguy is digging deep to make a difference. Help him.

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Our Mission.Their Future.

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