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  • Elizabeth Cameron-Smith

Day 9 -Rest day in Angers

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

This day was much needed - time to rest, dry out all the gear, find a place to take the bike to for the gears to be repaired and some time off for the aching ribs and the burning legs to recover.

Angers is on the Maine river on the edge of the Loire Valley - the Medieval seat of the Plantagenet Dynasty, with an old town with half timbered houses and some beautiful ornate architectural buildings which include the Cathedrale St Maurice with it's beautiful ornate rose stained windows.

Amazing tapestries being exhibited in the fortress

It's landmark 9th Century fortress is a sight to behold as are its amazing labyrinth gardens. Among the highlights are the amazing art galleries, enticing pastry shops and it's breathtaking location on the banks of the river.

Grant was blown away by the friendly people and the fantastic bike tracks that made seeing this city such a pleasure.

One of the repair staff of the cycling shop that helped Grant repair his , placing his repair in front of all the other work that he had for the day! There are always good people - they appear at the time when one needs them most.

The rest of the day was spent exploring Angers, refueling with delicious mouth watering pastries and macarons and ending off with a delightful dinner at the local Indian spot ( which later turned out to not be the best idea Crazybikeguy ever had)- but we will leave that for tomorrow's update!

After a nightmare day on the bike, this day of rest was just perfect and helped to restore Crazybikeguy's spirit and faith in the world.

We are watching the weather with great interest and it definitely looks like it's warming up! Yay!!

Onwards to Nantes!

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-Lewis Howes

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24 mar 2019

Architecture, gardens, natural scenery all tres magnifique! What a kind bicycle repair person... paying it forward! Those macarons & pastries would have cheered up anyone! 😋 So glad your stay in Angers lifted your spirits, G. Happy to know the weather is looking up, too! x 🤗

Me gusta
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