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  • Elizabeth Cameron-Smith

Hello London!

Happiness is found in the really simple when your bike box arrives intact

and you made it to London in one piece!

After some emotional goodbyes at O.R.Tambo International and a packed, under serviced SAA Flight with no entertainment and a connecting flight from Munich to London filled with people being violently ill from adverse weather conditions....I was starting to really worry that this was all just going to be too much! Despite this, Grant is just so thrilled to be there and to find that his bike made it relatively unscathed - a broken back light was the only damage, that my faith was somewhat restored....until I heard about the freezing temperatures, rain and the predicted conditions for the next two weeks!

With all this afoot and security in London at it's best because of the Brexit story this week, Grant made the most of his time by catching up with friends, buying some necessary kit that wasn't available in SA, finding suitable provisions to see him through the ride to the coast and making sure his bike was reassembled correctly.

This landed up being a ride in a huge downpour and getting soaked as a result but now he at least knows what the next two weeks are going to be like!

The photos of London depict blue skies and a crispness in the air that belie the bitter cold and wind that we just aren't used to.

We've had an emotional few days with the children getting used to Grant being away- especially since there isn't a party at breakfast in the mornings and a sing-a-long in the car on the way to school....they've been replaced with less noisy, funny and interesting podcasts...just to make this time more interesting and lots of funny story telling about Dad and the adventure he is going to have.

We've made a time caterpillar that's up in our kitchen and we're counting down the days until we meet up in Portugal.

Tomorrow is the big day.

There has been so much planning and work that has gone into this and it honestly feels quite strange to be talking about "tomorrow" being the day that it all begins. We've all been watching the count down clock!!

Grant has a really early start with a small send off that his long time school friend Shaun has organized for him from Trafalgar Square.

Thank you to all the followers and friends for their support and the many messages of encouragement and support that we have both received - your support is just amazing and we are thankful that we have the privilege experiencing this life changing journey with all of you.

This is for all those neuro diverse adults living in hope that we can include them in our lives so that they can reach the potential to really live theirs.

Our Mission.Their future.

Good luck Crazybikeguy.

May the road be smooth and the wind be kind.God's speed.


Mar 13, 2019

Love the caterpillar... and everything you guys are doing. Safe pedalling, G... and stay warm (and on your bike, please! 😉). Hope your send-off in the icy cold warmed your heart! Take care, you crazy, determined, special friend. x 🚴🌐❄⛄☔💕🤗


Elizabete Ferreira
Elizabete Ferreira
Mar 12, 2019

Your Guardian Angel guide you 🙏🍀 God Bless!


Marisa Ferreira
Marisa Ferreira
Mar 12, 2019

I am so proud of you Guys! Its crazy the way how you ve been planning everything. We need more people around like you both! Caring about children and adults! You are a blessing! 👏 Take care of yourself Grant.. Will keep us updated through your blog and social networks... Thinking of you!! Will wait for your arrival to Portugal! 💙

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