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Johannesburg - We're friendly!

Hard to believe this is near the city centre

We live in Johannesburg, South Africa - and it is here that we spend as many hours outdoors as possible.

There are many things that make Johannesburg, our wonderful city, great - but three really jump to mind.

My amazing support team

The people. We talk to strangers. We help with directions. We care - and we're really friendly. Large cities can be hostile places - but people here are great.

The weather. Then there is the weather of course. Temperate - and really amazing to get out and be physically active.

Between the driest and wettest months, the difference in rainfall is only about 130 mm. During the year, the average temperatures varies by 10 °C.

We have summer rains - so mountain biking can be a bit splishy, sploshy and squelchy but it isn't cold - nothing that a good hose down of self and bike can't fix!

The last of my three best things about Johannesburg are the mountain biking tracks and trails on our doorstep. For a city of population about 5.7M (unofficial calculated), we have many places to ride in and around our city. Our storms are not for the faint-hearted. Crazy thunderstorms. Lightning to illuminate the darkest of places. Sharp deluges of rain - and just like that, it is all over.

Whether taking a trail along the river through the city or venturing towards the extremities - what isn't there to love - but you gotta know where to go.

Okay there are other great things too - child friendliness, cultural diversity (ethnicities, languages and religions) are another two with many more. We are the rainbow nation - and Johannesburg is a great representation of this.

But let me not go on ...

The goal of my Epic ride across Europe is to open our Special Needs coffee shop and training centre right here in this amazing city.

Johannesburg IS the city of possibilities so please help me realize this dream for our Specials!

Another of our great mountain-biking spots

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Julie Griffiths
Julie Griffiths
Jan 29, 2019

Your description of your city and it's people creates such atmosphere. Thank you.

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