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  • Elizabeth Cameron-Smith

Rest day in Gijon - Spain

A day to replenish those empty reserves of energy, rest and recover and try and eat a few nutritious meals before hitting the track again.

It turned out to be a great day to be indoors as incessant rain, hail and cold winds lashed Gijon.

Washing day for muddy sweaty clothing and a bike that needed maintenance and good scrub which could only happen in a bath tub using a shower hose. Necessity really is the mother of all invention!

The sun came out momentarily and Grant went out for a bit to to take some photos and buy some supplies.

A day finished off with a huge treat - a platter of delicious sushi from the local sushi spot two doors down from the Pension.

Gijon is located in the Bay of Biscay, the largest city in the autonomous community of Asturias in Spain. It has an economy largely based on tourism, steel production, livestock rearing and fisheries and it has quite a large population.

Lots of beautiful churches, a palace, a university and museums grace its seaside location and rocky headlands while the surrounding areas outside the city on the skirts of the mountains are mainly lush meadows and deciduous woodlands.

Tomorrow brings with it a newly planned route and hopefully the promise of sunshine and blue skies.

Counting down the kilometers to Santiago de Compostela, the last big city in Spain before the border crossing into Portugal!

The weather forecast is rainy and cold, but Crazybikeguy pedals on!

Our mission.Their Future.

Pedalling onwards for Autism Awareness and creating opportunities for Neuro diverse adults in South Africa.


Linda Levy
Linda Levy
Apr 06, 2019

Hi Grant! What an amazing feat you are tackling. I am so overawed by what you have achieved. Also your pictures are fabulous. Keep on going or should I say peddling and enjoy your visit with your very special family 🦋🦋


Apr 05, 2019

Glad you were forced to rest indoors, so you can gather your strength for the climb/s out of Gijon (what goes down must go up & vice versa)! Some good hot toddies, a good, hot soak in the bathtub (you & your bike) is sure to help (plus sushi!). :) Thanks for sharing these stunning photos... and all the best for your ride to Santiago de Compostela (which according to my Google Maps is a massive distance of over 300 km / 21+ hours by bike :O !!!!). I hope my info is wrong! Take care, Champ & be safe... not long before you reach Porto... and the best reward of all... Liz, Julian & Ruby xx

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