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The Rig – Thule Sports Racks

[This blog entry addresses questions I have been asked.]

The racks are located above the front and back wheels

I’ve fitted front and rear Thule sports-racks to my mountain bike.

With many bikes there are no mounting points for pannier racks, but Thule offer a great solution to this problem.

Thanks to William at Rack ‘n Road in Woodmead, Johannesburg for the amazing service and assistance in getting this combination just right.

The Thule racks attach to the bike frame by means of straps and rubber protection boots. This method prevents damage to the carbon frame. Some great advice I received is to take silicone tape (that self-adheres) and put it around the frame where the straps come into contact with the frame, and this will prevent all scratching of the bike frame coating too.

This method of installation along with the different components supplied as standard from Thule with the kit, allows attachment to almost any bike frame with ease.

The frame not only allows carrying items (such as tent and sleeping bag etc) above the wheels but also on the sides too.

We had a few concerns loading the rear bike carbon chassis so I sought help from local and overseas Santa Cruz Carbon-frame cyclists. The Facebook group proved to be most helpful. The overwhelming response was this…. considering my weight plus panniers would be less than many bike riders… it shouldn’t be an issue.

I guess the proof of the pudding will be in the eating.

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Gregory Asket Hutchinson
Gregory Asket Hutchinson
Jan 22, 2019

All the best Cuz

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