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  • Elizabeth Cameron-Smith

Arriving in La Rochelle

There were so many beautiful pictures of the route to La Rochelle and photos that Grant took whilst there that I felt i should do another post to do it justice, before we move onto the day that he cycled to Bordeaux from there.

Selecting the right amount of photos to match the text when one is so spoiled for choice is quite a task as I do want to try and give you, the armchair travelers, the best ride possible as well as trying to keep the cyclists happy and still promote our cause!

Grant absolutely adored the bike track that meandered through the forest and later he rode on a very scenic track that hugged the coast line. It being Sunday there were families out everywhere and lots of activity as people enjoyed the sunshine.

Approaching La Rochelle with the weather playing it's part so perfectly made the ride that much more pleasant.

For the last 20km the terrain changed and after a tough day, I helped Grant find a little Airbnb apartment so that he could just focus on getting into the city and not have to worry about trying to manage his phone and ride his bike.

Crazybikeguy has definitely enjoyed that pastries and baked goods as I am getting a rather large amount of pics of Boulangeries and Patesseries and pictures of him eating them too!

Since he is burning more than 4000 calories a day, I don't think he needs to worry about enjoying the gifts that France has to share with him!

A fantastic day that ended off with a lovely walk through the city of La Rochelle at dusk after a long day riding.

Tomorrow- La Rochelle to Bordeaux - one of the longest rides before the Spanish border with a well deserved rest day to follow!

Our Mission. Their Future.

Riding to create awareness and supporting neuro diverse adults.

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Is Grant going to grow a beard?



Gorgeous pics of lovely scenes! Great that the weather is less punishing. All in all, good food for the soul! Stay well & keep smiling... even when the going gets tough. Fine French pastries can only help! Sending happy thoughts & positive vibes. Doing awesome things for special people, you legend! 🚴💯😎🏆

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