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  • Elizabeth Cameron-Smith

Day 3 -A change of plan...Dieppe to Gisors

With a new route on the cards and a brand new day ahead Grant left Veules-les-Roses and headed back toward Dieppe. He knew that travelling along the coast of Normandy was now an impossible task and heading towards Paris on a newly planned route would get the wind behind him and he would find more temperate conditions to cycle in.

The rain had stopped and the sun had come out for a while which made the freezing 5 deg temperature a little easier to bear and after a steady 26kms on mostly single track, he stopped for a coffee and baguette on the river bank.

"Although it has been very cold today, I have been distracted by the amazing architecture, beautiful little towns and scenery. I am blown away by how the cyclists are treated here! Wow!! Passing cars and trucks give a lot of space and will stop even if they have right of way to let you cross the road or give you a turn to enter the traffic circle.

I am having a far better day today - it's days like today when I travel through such beauty, hear the birds singing and see people conversing in an animated way that make this such a buzz"

-WhatsApp message from Grant at lunch time

After a delicious lunch in Nesle St Saire - perfect timing- as he needed to get out of the rain again, Grant set off for Gisors, pushing hard to try and make up for yesterday's disastrous ride.

* 8 hours and 47 minutes on the bike and a distance of 148.6kms today!

He sounded completely shattered when I spoke to him after he had checked in to the chateaux on the hill and was very happy to send me a picture of the large portion of pasta carbonara that he was about to tuck into.

Great to hear the smile in his voice when we spoke this evening. Hoping for many more great days!

The Chateaux in Gisors

Friendly bike paths

Thanks to all of you who sent messages to both of us today.Wonderful to feel held and supported by all of you.

Our mission. Their future.

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Mar 19, 2019

So pleased to hear that the beauty around you managed to buoy your spirits after yesterday's hectic trials. It's great to see some of what you see as you pedal by. That Chateaux has magnificent character and charm (although I guess the bath inside and that bowl of pasta held the most appeal for you)! Rest well and here's to a favourable next stage. You certainly are doing great things for special people! :)

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