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  • Elizabeth Cameron-Smith

Day 64 -Brescia to Vicenza, Italy

This was one of Grant's favorite cycling days so far.

150 kilometers and he spent 9 hours on the bike climbing 600 or so meters.

Spectacular scenery.

Leaving Brescia and travelling along the foothills of the Alps , visiting little towns along the way made for a day on the road well spent. Grant decided on a route change once he reached Lido di Lonato and headed towards Lake Garda, riding along the shore for many kilometers and enjoying the perfect weather and warm sunshine.Relatively flat terrain with some steep climbs, mainly on gravel pathways and some tarred cycle ways and even some sand tracks.

The towns along the way were so beautiful and the scenery and architecture were just amazing. Peschiera Del Garda made such an impression- the setting and the wonderful lake side position of this town made it just exquisite and Grant just loved everything about it- did he say the scenery was spectacular? A big harbor with boats, quaint bridges, lots of people and a festive ambiance added to the setting.

Grant wanted to get to Vicenza and although he had planned the route beforehand he had made some mapping errors and landed up going off route which not only added extra kilometers to his day and required effort but also meant that he had to go back to where he wanted to be.

Being in Pastrengo wasn't planned but and trying to get out over the bridge proved impossible as it was barricaded. To lighten the moment, Grant took a break, bought some fruit from the local fruiterer and set off in the opposite direction and found a way that followed the most amazing canal on the most beautiful flat cycling track.There were lots of cyclists and people walking along this route and because it was relatively flat it made for speedy riding! The canal led to a river that went on for many kilometers and it led all the way to Verona.

At this point Grant realized that to reach Vicenza before dark he would need to spend little time in Verona and needed to push to make up some lost time.

The gravel track out of Verona was so lovely, Grant enjoyed being in this verdant space with horse riders and other cyclists along this park like environment. Reaching San Martino Bon Albergo, Grant was blown away by the most spectacular castle on a steep hill top that just seemed to appear on his path.

" Sometimes one just has to believe one is seeing what is there but it seems so unbelievable to be seeing it!"

-Whatsapp from Grant on catching sight of the majestically perched castle.

This green area went on for quite a while and it felt wonderful to be riding in this farm like type of setting in the late afternoon.Eventually, Crazybikeguy had to join a road, heading North East in the direction of Vicenza as the sun began to lower in the sky.

With Vicenza's old city's canal type waterways and elegant buildings designed by the famous 16th Century architect, Palladio; Grant really was spoilt for photography material and rushed to check in and make his way out on foot to take in the cityscapes and record them with his camera.

Arriving on a Friday evening turned out to be fabulous timing as the residents were out and about and there was a festive mood and a lighthearted vibe in this ancient place which made for perfect sight seeing and soaking up the Italian spirit.

Wonderful food and evening entertainment finishing off a scenic, relaxed day on the bike.

Grant was feeling good after such a perfect day out, the warm weather had made him drink many liters of water and it was the first day that he had suffered from cramps on this trip- so some magnesium tablets are in order before bed tonight.

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Jun 27, 2019

Absolutely stunning scenery. Lake Garda is on our list to visit next year! You must be so fit now - luckily delicious Italian food available to replenish.


Jun 27, 2019

Gorgeous scenery... it would be tempting to stop to capture on film (well, digitally, of course). Lake Garda and surrounds is spectacular! Beautiful architecture, lush foliage, reflective water... what's not to love?!! I bet Verona would have been an interesting stop (thinking Willem Wikkelspies), but you can't stop everywhere, or you'll get nowhere. Another stunning ride... so happy for Grant!

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