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  • Elizabeth Cameron-Smith

Day 7- Chartres to La Chartre-sur-re-Loir

No rain! Happy day!

Setting off from Chartres in 0 deg and hoping that the day was going to be one with more sunshine and less gear issues...Grant managed to enjoy one of those outcomes- the sun shone! Even though his gears were still slipping and making it difficult to do climbs, he managed a fantastic 126km ride.

He is 'riding in' his new Brooks saddle, recommended by the London cycle expert - the salesman at the cycle shop ;) and really finding it pretty amazing.

Riding through the magnificent country side and stopping at a few villages along the way for some delicious doughnuts and a fruit filled lunch, Grant managed to take some fantastic photos and is helping me by taking photos of village names too, so that I can share the locations with the beautiful photos on the blog.

Although the temperature did rise to an acceptable 9 deg during the day, Crazybikeguy knew that the intention to camp tonight was going to be a tough one as accommodation is scarce in these parts.He set up camp on a camping site with great amenities and a very friendly camp manager, who helped with charging battery packs and his phone.

She also recommended a wonderful spot for dinner a few kilometers away.

From Illiers to Combray

Grant cycled there, had a fantastic French meal and made friends with the restaurant owner who posted a lovely story on Facebook about what Crazybikeguy is trying to achieve by doing this trip from London to Istanbul.

THANK YOU to Hotel de France in Chartre-sur-re-Loir for sharing our story in France!

#crazybikeguy -Touching lives and spreading the word about integrating neuro diverse adults into our world.

Our Mission. Their Future.

4 commentaires

23 mars 2019

Hey Grant, sorry your ride was so awful. Rest for longer if you have to - and well done. Some beautiful pics. Xxx e


20 mars 2019

Glad to hear the rain held off, hope the temperature improves too - night time must be a challenge! Great pics - keep them coming and keep on going - spring is on its way soon!


MD Turley
MD Turley
20 mars 2019

As envious as I am, be glad I am not there... Rain follows me like I have my own little black cloud... Slan <-- Irish... look it up!


20 mars 2019

Gosh, what amazing scenery! So pleased you had a better time with the weather... although camping out in those freezing temperatures must have been a BIG challenge! Just looking at your tent makes me shiver :) Love the birdsong and wide open spaces, beautiful old, historic homes and buildings, streams... it's all so beautiful and serene. You're doing great things, Crazybikeguy! Here's wishing you a good ride tomorrow. :)

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