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  • Elizabeth Cameron-Smith

Following the Seine ...en route to Paris

Leaving the Chateau in Gisors

Looking back at the night in Gisors in the Chateau, Grant said he felt like he could have been in an episode of Fawlty Towers! The people that worked there were all a bit quirky and riding through the parking lot filled with fancy cars that belonged to the even quirkier guests at this place on the hill in the countryside at least made him smile!

Eglise Saint-Gervais Sainte Protais in Gisors

A good breakfast and a later start set the tone for the day -Grant knew that a 90km ride lay ahead. After riding down the hill and encountering some technical difficulties - his chain kept slipping -and doing a bit of on road maintenance, he set off for Paris.

Later on in the day there was the issue of the snapped chain....

"As I was climbing the hills I had a few problems at the beginning of a particularly long steep hill; my chain snapped and I needed a linkage to repair it. It's the first time this has ever happened to me.Perhaps it's the extra load I am carrying or perhaps it was as a result of the chain slipping during the day.

Thank goodness for the Bike Maintenance 101 Course I did with Kirk at Simply Bikes"

- Grant's WhatsApp

The intended route was one that would take him through a wildlife reserve ( Foret Domaniale de Saint Germain-en Laye) through which the River Seine meanders on it's way to the English Channel and through the Communes in the various rural areas.

Intermittent rain kept things interesting and the muddy paths and single track did make the going a bit slow and tedious but with riding on the banks of the Seine and the smell of Paris in the air, Crazybikeguy did what he had to do and gave it some extra pedal power!

The scenery was beautiful and riding through farm land and coming into towns with farmer's market days in full swing added some color and added the flavor of rural life to the already splendid scenery and historic settings that France has to offer. The sun even came out for some time and allowed for some photo opportunities.

Riding along the Seine

As Grant was getting closer I was watching the news updates about the violent riots happening in Paris while he was riding and considering the fact that his rain suit color choice happened to match the uniform of the "yellow vest protesters" I was getting worried that he may get caught up in some kind of trouble.

Thankfully nobody bothered with the guy travelling on the loaded 'delivery bike' and I was thrilled to receive the picture of Grant with the Arc de Triomphe in the background with his 'thumbs up' pose and happy smile!

Maisons-Laffitte Castle just outside Sartrouville

Paris! Happy day!

Bienvenue à Paris!

*6h35m on the bike and 90.5kms on this day!

A two night stay in Paris for some recovery time and bike maintenance.

Doing great things for neuro diverse adults.#grantcrazybikeguy

Our mission.Their future.

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19 mrt. 2019

Great going, G! Loving the beautiful pics (when the pesky rain stops)! Is this 'following the Seine' or 'the insane' (ie, you!)? Sorry about the snapped chain :( ! Happy to hear you weren't seen as a protester once you arrived in the city, and that you have some time to recharge in Paris (croissants and coffee... mmmm!). All the best for the next stage! Adieu, mon ami :) PS: Don't know how you managed to talk while pushing onward through that muddy sludge! :O

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