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A few little concerns

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

I designed my 8800km km unsupported solitary bicycle ride across Europe based on places that I would like to visit. Its something completely different to anything I have previously done.

As I spent more time looking into this route, I realized that only a relatively small number of people (comparatively speaking) have tackled this kind of distance, and normal commercial cycling equipment for short bicycle rides just wouldn’t handle the distance or punishment.

Safety and security are of course top of mind, ignoring equipment at this point, I have chosen small arterial roads, gravel roads, single gravel tracks and jeep tracks. Roads with wide shoulders have also been chosen where possible.

This isn’t always possible, so trying to choose roads with minimal traffic flow is also key to achieving a safer ride.

I will be cycling for quite some time each day in complete darkness, so having a good front and tail-lights, reflectors and other safety equipment is important, to see and be seen.

Keeping such bright lights charged is the tricky bit. Solar could be difficult in bad weather so that was ruled out. As a result, I have installed a “Son” dynamo hub which is fitted to a specially-built front wheel. A dynamo hub generates a small amount of electricity to charge a relatively small battery or to keep the lights on. It takes a bit of energy to power, but it is a small price to pay to keep everything going.

I need to keep my electronic devices powered. They include:

  • Cell phone

  • GoPro Camera

  • DSLR Camera

  • GPS (Garmin)

  • Tracking / SOS Device


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