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One more sleep....

I leave for London tomorrow night. It's really happening!

My bike has been dismantled and placed in a sturdy box for travel and my belongings are packed.

Huge thanks to Kirk from Simply Bikes in Morningside, Johannesburg for his assistance in doing this so efficiently and for all his help thus far.

It's been a week of fine tuning, double checking and friendly encouragement and goodbyes. A final medical check-in with my sports doctor and I am good to go!

We had a Crazybikeguy meeting with all the directors of our amazing charity: The Centre of Justice for Special Needs and discussed what this really means to us all and especially what it could mean for our special needs adults that are relying on this ride being a fund raising success.

Fortunately for us, I even managed to squeeze in a morning of filming and interviewing for a CGTN insert that will be aired worldwide shortly.

My family have been supportive and excited and whilst the build up to my departure has been calm, this week has taken it's toll on all of our emotions as we realize how long this time apart really is. We haven't ever spent that much time this is going to be a real stretch for us as a family.

One last ride with Julian to test my fully loaded bike.

I'm handing over the reigns of the blog to my wife, Elizabeth, tonight and she will keep you informed and updated on my travels and adventures on a daily basis (depending on how much excitement and adventure each day brings)!

I will see you on 'the other side'....a much colder and wetter side but one that marks the beginning of this great adventure.

Crazy head gear to match....


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