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Choosing a Bikepacking Tent

I'm camping. I am also carrying all of my own camping gear with me. Tent, cooker, sleeping bag, etc

An early decision had to be taken on 'how' I was going to camp. There are a number of options such as:

  • Tent

  • Bivy (a bivy sack, otherwise known as a bivouac sack, is a personal-sized waterproof shelter)

  • Tarpaulin or some other kind of shelter device.

My choice was to have something that I could sleep in alone - not shared with bugs, crawling or slithering animals. I also want a water-proof shelter that I could sit in and contemplate life away from any extreme weather.

So, I need to take a tent.

We had one already - a 4-man tent weighing in at a princely 4.5kg - surely that would do. Actually, no! I'm not taking a donkey to help me. I am the donkey - and I am not going to carry that tent!

What properties did I need to consider when looking at a tent to take along?

  • Weight - as light as possible

  • Size/Capacity - both when erected so I could sit upright and packed onto the bicycle

  • Longevity

  • Waterproof

  • Easy to setup - especially in bad weather

  • Warm/cool - ie. seasonality

Armed with my criteria, I scoured "The Google", reading user reviews and documentation on tents from across the globe. I for one never realized there were so many tent manufacturers and models. One tent stood out for reliability and features.

I've eventually settled on The Big Agnes Fly Creek HV2 Platinum - one of the lightest 3 season tents.

This 2-man tent allows me to store my panniers and goods safely inside the tent whilst leaving just my bike outside at night - and at 907g, its a winner!

I'm sure to write a review after my 4 months in this tent - and I really hope it won't let me down!


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