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Part 2. Newhaven to Paris

We're going to Paris!

After my ferry arrival in Dieppe, and hopefully with a little sleep behind me, I head south-west along the Normandy coastline towards Le Havre. This won't be a particularly fast cycling stretch to navigate and I will hug the coastline and beaches where possible, checking out and photographing the sights.

The distance to cover to Le Havre from Dieppe is 129km with about 1210m of vertical climbing along the way. It should take me just over 8 hours to cycle - but this doesn't factor in any stops.

I'll use this segment to further test out my equipment. Specifically, my backup, navigation and electronics charging equipment. I need to make sure this is operating 100% from the start.

I have already located a bicycle shop in Le Havre that I can call upon if I need to make some running adjustments that I may be unable to do myself.

I have scheduled one extra rest, sightseeing or maintenance day in Le Havre for this segment should I need it be needed. If not, it gives me a spare day to bank for later.

The contour map below gives an indication of the climbing involved in this segment to Paris. The left hand side axis showing 200m indicates that there is nothing too nasty that will be thrown at me - but enough climbing to make things interesting.


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