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Power to the long distance cyclist

Keeping all of my electronic gadgets and lights illuminated seemed like an impossible dream.

The Son 28 dynamo hub

Thanks to the Son 28 ‘Dynamo Hub’, built into the front wheel, I am able to generate power from the rotations of the bicycle wheel – just so long as I am travelling at over 8km/hr. Of course, if I cycle faster, it will generate more power.

Many of us can remember (maybe I’m just showing my age here) the old dynamo that was attached to a bicycle back wheel providing power to a front light – this new version is really just a vast improvement of this concept.

This new type dynamo sits in the middle of the front wheel and provides an AC output voltage.

But that's not all. The next step is to convert this to a 5V DC voltage output - to allow charging of a phone, GPS and other equipment.

This is done through a Sinewave Revolution converter. This little guy sits near the handlebars where it is easy to reach.

A great solution to a tricky problem!

This simple device will charge devices directly or even a battery.

Lastly, because the dynamo power output is limited, I built a small switch box to either power the lights or charge my other equipment.

Once again, I have tested all of this and it has proved to be very efficient in charging my equipment.



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