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Part 7. Saint-Laurent-de-la-Salanque to Genoa, Italy

The next segment of my proposed cycle ride takes me though France on to Genoa

After entering France from Andorra, I will enjoy a coastal ride for a while, but just before Montpellier, I head inland once again.

Yes. That means climbing - but I want to travel with you through some of the amazing French countryside.

The French towns/cities I am really looking forward to cycling through:

  • Frontignan

  • MontPellier

  • Arles

  • Aix-en-Provence

  • Aubagne

After Aubagne, I head towards the sea at Les Lecques, then briefly heading inland to Toulon. Once at Saint-Tropez, I make a more solid effort to stay along the seaside.

Heading North-east along this coast (which incidentally has to be one of my favorite parts of the world) is a bit of a treat. Minimal climbing and maximum enjoyment - I can handle that!

Leaving Saint-Tropex I then cycle through to Cannes, Antibes (seriously love Antibes) and then Nice - and it is though this area that I will use the wonderful bike and walking track alongside the shore.

All this cruising along comes to an end when I leave Nice and head to Monte Carlo. Then there is climbing, and a bit more climbing.


Once beyond Monte Carlo I will then hug the coastline once more through Italy to:

  • Menton

  • Sanremo

  • Imperia

  • Albenga

  • Varazze

  • Voltri and then finally, Genoa

The climbing around Monaco is evident in the contour map of this segment - but compared to other segments, I think this segment of my trip will allow me to recover somewhat - especially from what I will experience climbing to Andorra.


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